I knew then…

that he was the one for me,

that he completed me,

that I would be sad, if he wasn’t in my life,

that I could get lost in his blue eyes,

that I was “falling” head over heels in love with him each and every day,

that his kisses were the best,

that he made me smile,

that he knew how to wash dishes,

that he was the best kisser (oops did I already say that??),

that I didn’t want to spend a night without him,

that he adored me,

that he was so goofy,

that he was a great catch,

that his love was irresistible,

that there was no looking back, only looking forward,

that he was a little crazy…and hungry,

that I wanted to prove to him everyday how much I loved him,

that he would do anything to be a part of my family,

that this is what I wanted to see first thing when I woke up for the rest of my life,

that he could climb trees,

that he had the cutest kiss face,

that he had a great sense of humor,

that he was a lover and not a fighter,

that he loved me even when we’re miles apart,

that he had the best smile,

that we were meant for each other,

that he mended my broken heart,

that he gave the best hugs,

that I was smitten with him,

and that I was crazy about him,

Today, almost 3 years later, I still know about these things and more.

I love you bebe!

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  1. Daniel
    July 9, 2011 at 9:48 pm

    And I love you!

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