Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

Believe it or not, when I was smaller I wasn’t that big on “hanging out” with friends.  I was kind of a homebody and didn’t have to go out with friends to be happy.  My mom pushed me to hang out with my friends, because it was important to her for me to be socialized.  I would have sleep overs, where we would talk about the current crushes, tell ghost stories, play truth or dare, or whatever little girls do.

Looking back on my childhood…I am glad that she pushed me in that direction.  I always valued that time that I had with my friends.  Because my mom urged me to make friends and get out there and have fun, I now have life-long friends.

Tonight we went out on the town, sort of.  We went to Puerto’s and ate some Mexican.  Laughed till we cried.  Had people at another table looking at us like we were special.  Ate tortilla chips, till we were about to bust.  Talked about life.  Here are some pictures from the night.  I forgot to put the memory card back into the camera, so my picture taking was limited.  Or else, there would’ve been a lot more pictures than this.

Michelle would not let me take any pictures of her, or else there would be some on here.

After we ate at Puerto’s, we went to the movies to see “It’s Complicated.”

That movie was very funny.  The situations that some of the people were put into was funny.  The dialogue was even funnier.  But some parts of the movie were not nice, like the part where people were committing adultery.  That’s not funny at all.  I don’t agree with it at all, of course, but most of what Hollywood is about, I don’t agree with.  It did have two of my favorite movie stars in it: Meryl Streep and Steve Martin.  They were really good in this movie, so that kinda made up for some of the material.  One of the parts that I laughed the most at was when there was a man that walked up to our aisle and just stood there eating popcorn.  Hannah and I looked at each other and said, “What is he doing?”  Neither of us knew what was going on.  Then a couple minutes later, seemed like longer, he looked over the banister and then walked out of the movie theater.  Crazy.

I just want to say, girls, I laughed a lot and had a lot of fun.  Thank you for tonight.  If you wanna hang out again soon, I’m up for it, because after all…”girls just wanna have fun.”

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