A Trip Down Memory Lane

**This is an EPIC SUMMER POST about our recent vacation.  So, adjust your eyes accordingly before opening this post.**

Every time Daniel and I go on vacation, we realize how much we enjoy spending time together.  It’s not like we don’t already know how much we love spending time together, but we are able to shut out the world and it just be us.  We don’t have anything to distract us from each other.

I wish that we could have times like that more, to be honest.  It’s easy to get in a groove of coming home, whipping out the laptops, turning on the T.V. and just vegging out.  I don’t like doing this, but it’s the nature of the technology beast.  I’ve often said that I wish that I could live in a simpler time, before T.V. and technology.  Then I think about there not being A/C and I quit complaining.

I love going on the adventures that we do together.  Where we discover our surroundings and laugh about getting lost.  But we don’t really end up lost, because we find something fun to do along the way.  We just enjoy each others company and have some fun times.  I really wish we could go on vacation every other week, but alas we have to work.  The joys of adulthood.  🙂

For the past 3 days we have been having a wonderful time in Sevierville, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.  We went to these places to celebrate our 3 year anniversary and to just get away from our world for a little while.



We planned to head out earlier, but decided to sleep in a little while.  But soon after we woke up, we were packing and then we were off for our grand adventure.

Daniel in the driving seat…

and me in the passenger seat sucking on my watermelon sucker.

We were so happy to be going on this adventure, hand-in-hand.

I was so excited when we reached the TN border, eventhough that just meant that we were getting into Nashville.  I knew that not too much longer and then we’d be at our destination.

When we got to Pigeon Forge, we knew that we needed to find a hotel room quick.  We wanted to unload our things and get started on our adventure.  I called many hotels on the way there and there were a lot around the $150 range.  Higher than our range.  But we found a hotel that was only $59/night.  That worked for us!

Once we found our hotel room, we headed out on the town.  We went to a couple shops and looked at their unique stuff.  I think that at every corner I was like, “I want that!  Ohh that is neat!  I’ve never seen that before!”  I instantly fell in love with the shops that Pigeon Forge had to offer.  They had everything from black bear toilet roll holders to eagle shaped sling shots.  It reminded me of the flea market, only a lot cooler.  One store that we shopped at gave us a Chinese fan and said it was to keep us cool.  I think it was because we had a decent amount of money in her store.

We decided that we wanted to go to “The Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show.”  It was a new show in town that we had never been to.  So, off we went.

I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.

When we got inside, we found out that we were assigned to the McCoy family.  Which I told Daniel, before we got the tickets, that I wanted to be a McCoy, because how cool is it to say, “I’m the real McCoy”?  Or is it just me that thinks that’s cool?  Ma told us that she cooked the food just for us and that we were now family.  Made me feel real comfortable.  lol.  Once we were seated we started getting our food from Brandon “McCoy.”  It was yummy too!

While we were eating we were enjoying what they were projecting on the screen.  They were saying like, “You might be a redneck, if…”  The different families were taking shots at each other.  Every time the Hatfields would take a shot at the McCoys, I would say, “Hey!  That’s not nice!”  Then when we shot back, I would go, “Oh yeah!”  Here was a shot at the McCoys, but I think it applied to the McColters.  lol.

Then they panned around and typed up funny things that applied to the people they got in the camera.  For example…

I was glad they didn’t pan over to me.  No telling what it might have said.

Then it was time for the show to start.

It’s crazy how the families feuded over a stolen pig.  Glad they resolved their conflicts…for the most part.



We slept in a little this morning and then we looked at what we wanted to do for the day.  We decided that we wanted to go to Big Daddy’s Pizzeria.  All I can say is YUM!!!  I’ll let you see what I mean.

Big Kahuna Pizza-contains canadian ham, pineapple chunks, pine nuts, and goat cheese

Before you say, “Ewww, goat cheese!”  I thought the same exact thing when I saw it, but decided to be brave and order it.  The waitress said, “Have you ever had goat cheese before?”  I told her that I hadn’t.  She brought out a sample to make sure that I’d like it and I did.

Then for dessert I had something that dreams are made of…”Raspberry and Chocolate Bruschetta.”  It contained a soft bruschetta with some sweet cheese, raspberries, raspberry sauce and chocolate shavings.  Heaven, I tell ya!

She brought out two forks for Daniel and I to use to eat this.  Well, let’s just say, Daniel’s fork wasn’t used at all!  She came by and asked, “Do you all like that?”  I answered for both of us.  🙂

After our bellies were full, we decided to go to the “Titanic Exhibit.”

As we bought the tickets to the museum, a woman dressed up in black and white gave us cards with names on them.

The names on the cards were our assumed identities on the Titanic.  The stories on the cards actually belonged to people that were on the Titanic.  Each card had a story about that person’s life and at the end asked if we thought that person would survive or not.  At the end of the exhibit, we would find the answer to our question.  They didn’t allow us to take pictures in the museum, so I was only allowed to take them on the outside.

The museum was so humbling.  It was amazing to think that there were a lot of people that weren’t able to get on the boat, because they didn’t have as much money as other people.

Here are some interesting facts that I learned in this museum:

  • The Titanic was a mailboat.  The main purpose of the boat was to transfer mail from one place to another.
  • The main pet on the Titanic were dogs and one of the dogs’ names was Froo Froo.
  • The co-owner of Macy’s was on the boat with his wife.  The people that were loading the boats encouraged her to get on the lifeboat, but she refused.  She said that she wouldn’t go anywhere without her love. 🙂
  • The owner of the museum went on a discovery journey, back in 1985, to explore the remains of the Titanic.  The machine that he had made went further than any had before, 2 miles under the surface of the water.
  • From that moment on, all cruise ships made sure to have enough lifeboats for EVERYONE on the boat to get off.
  • The Carpathian came and rescued the people that were in the lifeboats.  They gave up their beds and slept on the floor, so the survivors could sleep in their beds.
  • The man that had the boat built, stayed on the boat and helped a lot of men and women get on the lifeboats.  He also went down with the boat.
  • There was a reverend on the boat that took a lot of pictures of life on the Titanic.  He never got any of them developed.  He went around, after the Titanic sunk, and told people about what happened on the Titanic.  The White Star contacted him and asked him to please stop telling people about what happened on the Titanic, because they wanted to move on from the incident.  He stopped.  Years later, someone found the undeveloped film and processed it.  If it weren’t for this reverend, there wouldn’t be any pictures of life on the Titanic.
  • The water that night was 28 degrees.

We rented some Audio Tour Guides that gave us a lot of facts, these were only some of them, and there were a bunch of stuff to read.  It was very neat to see all this history, but sad at the same time to see all the loss.

At the end of the tour, we went to this  board that had all the names of the survivors of the Titanic.  Daniel and I survived.  Going through this exhibit, I felt like I was taking part of history.  I felt like I was on the Titanic the day the iceberg hit.  So, when I saw that I had survived, a sighed a sigh of relief, even though it wasn’t me on the ship.  It was definitely an experience I won’t forget.

They also had a box with fake rose petals.  They told us to take a rose petal and drop it into another box.  They said that on the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking, they were going take the box of rose petals and drop them over the sight of the Titanic sinking.  It was cool to know that I will be a part of history.

Here’s some pictures from the outside of the “Titanic Exhibit.”

After “The Titanic Exhibit,” we went on the hunt for someone to make some cedar signs.  I had been wanting one made since our honeymoon in the Smokies.  So, we had one made.  While we were waiting for the sign to be made, we got 2 slushes and a funnel cake.  Daniel ate the funnel cake and started feeling bad, so we went back to the hotel room.  While we waited for him to feel better we watched some T.V.  We were going to get something to eat for our anniversary, but since we felt bad, I just picked up some Sonic.  Then we went and picked up the sign.

I love it.  I just have to find a place to put it.

Then we went to “The Miracle Theater.”  We had seen “The Miracle,” which was spectacular!  This time we were going to see “Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat.”  The story was about Joseph in the Bible.  It was a story about how that his brothers sold him into slavery and how his God-given ability to interpret dreams helped him become Pharaoh’s right-hand man.  This sounds like a typical Biblical story, and it is, but they put a spin on it that had us laughing.  I won’t go into detail, in case you want to see it, but this was Pharaoh…

and this was what we wore.

So, yeah.  It was a fun time.



Daniel woke up feeling better, so we headed into Gatlinburg.

We decided to go to Hard Rock Cafe for our anniversary dinner.  It took awhile to find a parking spot, because the streets were crowded with people.  Therefore, the parking lots were crowded with cars.  But we found a good parking spot and headed to Hard Rock Cafe.

We sat at the bar and ate some good food.  Then we walked the streets of Gatlinburg and went into a lot of shops.  Have I mentioned that I love their shops?  Well, I do!  They were so neat.  We could have went broke on the shops alone, but we didn’t.  There was this one shop that I want to go back to when we have more money.  It was a purse store.  Floor to ceiling was filled with purses.  I know this from the windows displays.  Daniel wouldn’t let me go in there.  For a good reason.  🙂

We stopped by a shop called “Chocolate Monkey.”  They had icecream for Daniel and chocolate for me.  I got a caramel apple with white chocolate drizzled on it.  It was good!  I wanted to get more, but it would’ve melted.  Then we headed back into town and went to Wonderworks.

We watched the Magic Show by Terry Evanwoods.

While we were waiting, they had a blacklight that was scanning the crowd.  I thought it would make for a cool picture.

Then the magic show started.  It was pretty cool.  He was good at the slight-of-hand tricks.  He got the Merlin Award, which they said was like an Oscar to magicians.   This was part of his finale.

She was levitated on water.  Then at the end of the performance, he gave us an unexpected message.  He said that it took a lot of hard work to get where he was, but that none of it would have been possible without God.  He said that whenever he let go and let God, that everything worked out for him.  He said that we are blessed more than most people in the world and it’s important to give back to those around us.  It was neat to see someone in that line of profession sending a message like that.  It made me look at him in a very positive light.

After the magic show, we headed straight to “The Murder Mystery Theater: Whodunnit Lucy?”

When we arrived, we waited till it was time for us to go back.  When they called our name, we went back and they told us to choose one weapon each.  We stood in front of a green screen and they took a normal picture.

Then they took a picture of us, using our weapons on each other. lol.

Then we were seated.  They told us that we were royalty, because we were sitting above everyone else.  Works for me.  Then they started serving us food.  On the tables were packets with 3 puzzles that we had to solve to get 3 clues.  The clues would help us solve the mystery of who murdered to victim, why they did it and with what did they do it.  So, Daniel and I were working together to figure out the puzzles and then the clues.  Then the show started.  By the way, we bought the CD and copyright with all the pics from our show, so I can post these.  🙂

It was so much fun!  I would like to do this type of thing more often.  It’s like you are part of a production.  I didn’t figure out who killed who and why, before we had to turn in the papers.  But Daniel did figure it out after we turned in the papers, before they revealed the answers to us.  I took an oath to not reveal who killed who and why they did it.  So, that is all I can about this.  🙂



We woke up early and got ready and headed down the road.  It was bittersweet.  We had such a wonderful time in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge it was hard to leave it.

I told Daniel that we needed to make this a tradition.

Tradition being to come every 3 years.

Let’s hope we can keep this up.

Till 2014, these memories will live on.

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