Meet Chloe…umm Ginger…umm…

Once upon a time there was a little dog that waltzed into our front yard. Little did the dog that lived in this house know, but he was soon to meet this little dog. He was let out to go use the bathroom and there she was staring right back at him. His owner told him to go back inside, because they didn’t know if this little dog was looking for trouble. But upon further investigation, his owner found out that she was really friendly and decided to let them mingle.

His owner went inside to tell the co-owner that he needed to wake up and see this adorable little dog. He said that if she came back from church and the little dog was still there, then we could bring it in and give it a bath and find its owner. Well, the owner decided that she didn’t want the little dog to be outside by herself, so she brought her in and gave her a bath before church.

The days that followed were spent knocking on neighbors’ doors, trying to get the down-low on anyone that might possibly be missing a dog or know of a missing dog. No luck on that. There was a woman that said an old man and woman were looking for a little brown dog. The man drove a red truck that lived around the corner. We walked over there, no red truck. While one owner of the house was knocking on doors, the other one searched on the computer for reports of lost dogs.

Notice how Ginger is trying to distract Daniel from looking at the computer. 🙂

So, it was looking like she was going to have a new home. Just to be on the safe side, the owner of the home she found took her to the Humane’s Society. They scanned her, no invisible chip. They searched, no reports of a missing dog (that matched her description). Now, it was time to take her to the vet to get checked out.

She got a clean bill of health!

Since then, the owners of the house have fallen in love with her. They are keeping their fingers crossed that her owners aren’t missing her and that they have moved on. Because she’s fit in very nicely, as you can see…

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