Pushing Through

There are many times on my journey in this world, that I have been face-to-face with something that seemed bigger than me. It would be something that would block me from moving on. Something that I didn’t think I could get over. I would sometimes try to chip away the exterior to get to the center of what it was that was keeping me from moving. Sometimes I would just sit there and stare and get so wrapped up in it, that I would lose focus of the bigger picture. Regardless of what I did with it, the problem would always become solved. Whether it be bit-by-bit, making the journey seem like an eternity. Whether it be all-at-once, making the journey seem like a walk to the mailbox. God would always take care of the obstacle. He would be right there with me. Whether I knew it or not, He was there helping me push through. He never promised that it would be easy. He never promised that it would happen in the blink of an eye. But He promised that He would take care of me. He would carry me through my life, like footprints in the sand. If only I would trust Him to carry me.

Whenever I would reach this standstill part in my journey, I would look at the mountain as if it was impassable. I had no faith in myself. More than that, I had no faith in God’s wondrous works. I doubted the mountain would move. I thought that the mountain would always be there, saying, “I’m bigger than you. I’m bigger than anything.”

But guess what…that mountain stands not a chance against my God, which is bigger than any mountain ever dreamed of being. He can make that mountain move in the blink of eye. That mountain should be trembling, because it will no longer stand in my way.

And guess what…it doesn’t have to stand in your way either. Just let God carry you. Let Him carry your burdens. He never promised it would be easy, but you can do it! You can push through!

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  1. Mom
    July 1, 2011 at 7:28 am

    P.U.S.H. PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS…Push on Through…I love it!

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