Following the Star and a fortune

Daniel and I are tired of clothes not fitting us quite the way they used to. So, recently, like within the last week, we have been trying out a new regimen. We have been walking either around our loop or at the waterpark, 3 times a week. This is going to be our regimen for a little bit and then we’ll slowly work our way up to more times a week. Please pray for us to keep motivated and dedicated.

But onto the subject of this post…following the Star.

As we were walking, Daniel decided to run ahead with Domino, then he slowed down and we just looked up at the stars in the sky. We were looking for different constellations and then after a little debate over which one was the North Star, we focused on the North Star.

I got to thinking about how that many sailors used the North Star to guide them home. Or if someone got lost in the woods, they could use the North Star as a guide. I thought about how cool that was, that one star that God placed in the sky, guided many people home.

Then I got to thinking about how that God sent us a Star to this earth. A Star that was born in a manger. A Star that was born so that we all would have a example of God’s perfect, undying love for us. A Star that lived a perfect life. A Star that reached out to those with broken hearts. A Star that knew peace like no other person ever has/ever will. A Star that cared for us so much, that he allowed us to cast all our cares on Him. A Star that took our sins to the cross, so that we could live a life full of forgiveness for our imperfect ways. A Star that rose on the third day and joined His Father, Our Father in heaven.

Then I thought how awesome it would be for us to, just like the sailors or the lost used the North Star to guide them home, follow the Star to lead us home, to lead us to our home in heaven. How awesome would it be to follow God’s only Star, His Son? To make our crooked paths, lie straight. To make our troubled lives, have peace. To make our broken hearts, be mended.

Then I reach into my pockets and continue looking up at the stars, feeling good about following the Star, and I feel this little crumpled piece of paper. I pull it out of my pocket and see that it’s a fortune from a fortune cookie. Why it was still in my pocket, I don’t know. Maybe it was for this one moment. But I unravel it and this is what it says:

“Your secret desire to completely change your life will manifest.”

Thanks God for that. I will definitely change my life to follow the Star.

And I guess it’s not a secret desire anymore.

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