In high school, one of my favorite high school teachers gave us a project. She told us that we were going to make a shield that represented us and what was important to us. She gave us certain subjects to put in different parts of the shield. One part would be our name. Another part would be who we love.… Read more →

Pushing Through

There are many times on my journey in this world, that I have been face-to-face with something that seemed bigger than me. It would be something that would block me from moving on. Something that I didn’t think I could get over. I would sometimes try to chip away the exterior to get to the center of what it was… Read more →

Soulful Sundays: You are important!

There were a lot of mini-sermons today at church. This morning I was able (willing) to go to Sunday school. This is something that I need to make one of my routines. It’s so easy to not want to do much on Sunday mornings, because it’s the day before I go back to work. I’m ashamed to admit this, but… Read more →

Following the Star and a fortune

Daniel and I are tired of clothes not fitting us quite the way they used to. So, recently, like within the last week, we have been trying out a new regimen. We have been walking either around our loop or at the waterpark, 3 times a week. This is going to be our regimen for a little bit and then… Read more →