“The Honeymoon’s Over?”

I re-started reading a book that was given to Daniel and I when we got married. It’s called “Starting Your Marriage Right” by Dennis & Barbara Rainey. This is a book that tells you “what you need to know and do in the early years to make it last a lifetime.” I decided that I would read maybe a couple… Read more →

I knew then…

that he was the one for me, that he completed me, that I would be sad, if he wasn’t in my life, that I could get lost in his blue eyes, that I was “falling” head over heels in love with him each and every day, that his kisses were the best, that he made me smile, that he knew… Read more →

The Greatest of These is Love

What is the secret to having a successful life? If you’re a roller coaster enthuisiast, you might say riding the tallest, steepest, fastest roller coaster. If you’re a millionaire, you might say having a lot of money. If you’re a successful business person, you might say having a lot of connections. If you’re a teacher, you might say reaching and… Read more →

From This Moment On…

After I told him to buy the tickets, I was super excited to meet him. It was like my mind was going a thousand directions at one time. I kept asking myself questions, like, ‘Are we going to have good chemistry in person?’ ‘What will he think of me, once he meets me?’ ‘What will he be like in person?’… Read more →